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  • Are Modern Campers Ready to Embrace Electric Billing?

    Are Modern Campers Ready to Embrace Electric Billing?

    With technology now existing to automate meter reading parks can charge every guest for exactly what they used. At Wild Energy we like to refer to this as Fair for All instead of being free and unregulated. With that in mind I wanted to hear from campers about what they thought about billing for electricity.

  • Make Electric Sub-metering a Competitive Differentiator For Your RV Park

    Make Electric Sub-metering a Competitive Differentiator For Your RV Park

    Many RV parks maintain a 'No EV' policy due to concerns about power consumption. However, what if you were the only park in your area to embrace EVs and ERVs? By allowing them and providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure at each pedestal, you can proactively market this as a unique offering. This would not only attract more environmentally conscious campers but also set you apart from your competition.
  • Disconnecting Meters: Is There a Good Use Case?

    Disconnecting Meters: Is There a Good Use Case?

    In years past, we’ll admit that we often recommended disconnecting meters to customers. After all, it seemed a great option.  When the site was vacant, you could turn off the power.  Mr. Johnson in the site next door couldn’t run his extension cord over to the empty site. However, after talking to customers and through real world data analysis, the team at Wild Energy has come to the realization that disconnecting meters may not be the right solution in 99% of cases. 


  • For some parks, reading meters is an arduous task that no one wants to do. Wild Energy's wireless meter reading solution has been able to automate the process for us and freeing up my staff to focus on tasks at hand. The system has also helped us spot unusual electrical activity and protect our equipment! This technology has been a game changer for our park.

  • We had over 300 meters that we're old and failing. Wild Energy was able to come in and create a solution for us that now has our electrical operations on autopilot. This has saved us time and money in our operations and has also removed the risk of someone mis-reading a meter or failing to read it at all. Wild Energy's solution has created an immediate return on our investment.

  • When building out our new park, we wanted to future proof and automate many of the operations. Wild Energy's solution made great business sense as the system is fully integrated with our property management system thus fully automating meter reading and billing of such across the entire park. Their system alerts us to any electrical issues on the park's power grid and will allow us to charge for electric vehicles when they start showing up at the park. The Wild Energy solution has already saved us money on our electric costs and has allowed us to re-purpose our staff to focus on quest satisfaction.