Frequently Asked Questions

At Wild Energy, we know that running a park or campground is no small feat.

With utilities being a crucial part of the experience, we're here to ensure that managing them is as seamless as possible.

Whether you're the proud owner of a scenic campground, marina, or manufactured housing community, we've got the tools to bring efficiency to your fingertips.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from park owners like you:

What is your process when you start working with a new client?

We start by getting a good understanding of the park’s pedestals.  Are they metered? Do they have meter sockets knock-outs, etc.?  We then measure the size of the park to determine how many data collectors will be needed.

Is there a good return on investment for installing electric meters?

Call or email!  The technical support number is: (833) 563-6300. Email us at:

How do I get technical support?

Call or email!  The technical support number is: (833) 422-6300.  Email us at:

Do I need an electrician to install the Wild Energy system?

Not always.  Replacing existing meters is pretty easy.  If you have a person on-site who does electrical work for the park (e.g. changing breakers), they would be able to swap electrical meters.  Call us, we’ll help you determine if an electrican is needed. (833) 563-6300.

Is there an ongoing cost to the metering system? 

Yes, a minimal monitoring fee applies. This fee covers the continuous relay of information to our cloud servers, secure data storage, and provides you with dedicated customer support.

Who owns the meters?

The meters are owned by the park or campground once they are purchased and installed. They
become an asset to your property.

Will I receive automatic reports for usage spikes or do I need to set parameters?

Our system is designed to alert you of any significant usage spikes without the need for setting
parameters. We ensure you're informed so you can manage your park effectively.

What warranty is provided with the meters? How are repair issues handled? 

We offer a standard 4-year warranty on our meters. Most issues, often from shipping mishaps,
are swiftly handled with replacements. For any troubleshooting, our support team is at your

Are there data privacy concerns for guests regarding monitoring?

Guest privacy is paramount. Our system's data collection pertains strictly to utility usage and is
fully compliant with privacy regulations. Transparency is key, and guests can access their own
real-time meter readings if they wish.

Can the metering handle both EVs and campers at the same time?

Absolutely. Our meters are versatile and can handle metering for both electric vehicles and
campers simultaneously, with no interruptions or loss of accuracy.

How do we "turn off" metering when our season is over?

Our system allows you to easily deactivate metering when not in use. This can be managed
remotely, ensuring you have control no matter where you are.

Why choose a Wild Energy meter? 

Our solution brings sub-metering for electricity and water to unmonitored pedestals. It’s about taking charge of your utilities with a system that’s easy to manage. With Wild Energy, you receive a comprehensive package:

•Smart Meters: Wireless, automatic, and integrated with your PMS for seamless billing, whether short-term, long-term, or seasonal.

•Data Collector/Receiver: A device that captures all data from the meters to keep you updated.

•CubePC: A mini-PC dedicated to support and troubleshooting.

•Owner's Portal: A dashboard giving you an overview of all meter statuses and the power to oversee the entire park's demand in real time.

•Guest Service Portal: With real-time data, guests can be fully informed about their energy usage by logging in their site number.