What is your process when you start working with a new client?

We start by getting a good understanding of the park’s pedestals.  Are they metered? Do they have meter sockets knock-outs, etc.?  We then measure the size of the park to determine how many data collectors will be needed.

Is there a good return on investment for installing electric meters?

Call or email!  The technical support number is: (833) 563-6300. Email us at: mike@wildenergyco.com

How do I get technical support?

Call or email!  The technical support number is: (833) 422-6300.  Email us at: mike@wildenergyco.com.

Do I need an electrician to install the Wild Energy system?

Not always.  Replacing existing meters is pretty easy.  If you have a person on-site who does electrical work for the park (e.g. changing breakers), they would be able to swap electrical meters.  Call us, we’ll help you determine if an electrican is needed. (833) 563-6300.