Upgrading 250 Meters in Just 2 Days

Watch this video to see how a Florida campground quickly and easily implemented a smart metering strategy that revolutionized billing for seasonal and transient guests, optimized revenue collection, and boosted the park’s bottom line.

  • Works with existing pedestals

  • Easy Installation with little to no downtime

  • Alerts for power & water issues

Eliminate tedious and costly manual meter reading

Without precise, real-time data, recording and managing energy consumption becomes a gamble.

Wild Energy automates your campground's utility management, allowing you to accurately recover expenses for both transient and extended stays.

This shift not only eliminates the need for error-prone manual data entry but also provides immediate insights into energy consumption patterns, ensuring your campground is never in the dark.

Streamline Operations

Make data-driven decisions about resource management and infrastructure improvements to optimize the overall operation of your campground.

  • The Wild Energy Owner Portal provides instant metering information at your fingertips.
  • View real time, daily, weekly, and monthly usage to generate accurate and timely billing
  • Get alerts for outages or damaged meters
  • Check-in/out functionality for Parks & Marinas that do not have a Management System
  • Get Usage alerts for non-checked in sites and enhance security
Durable Future-Proof Technology

Wild Energy Electric & Water Meters

Our specially designed meter technologies work effortlessly with existing infrastructure and can withstand harsh conditions, allowing you to focus on providing top-tier service to your guests.

Wild Energy designs and builds the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (radios, software, and analytics) which are embedded within the I-210 meter and our water meter relay.

When combined with the Wild Energy electric metering, our water meter relays provide campground managers with the most state of the art utility metering for their properties.


Learn how easy it is to upgrade your existing meters

In this video, founder Mike Sorensen shows us how it only takes a couple of minutes to upgrade your old meter to a new Wild Energy meter - giving your park the control and insights it needs to operate efficiently and improve guest experience.

Advanced Meter Monitoring

Wild Energy does more than read meters; we actively monitor them to ensure they deliver high-quality power and operate efficiently:

  • High Use Monitoring: Prevents pedestal damage by monitoring and managing high usage scenarios.
  • Voltage Monitoring: Guarantees the delivery of good quality power, enhancing guest satisfaction.
  • Power Availability: Detects issues with underground cabling to prevent outages and ensure continuous service.
  • Tampering Prevention: Secures your revenue by guarding against meter tampering and potential fraud.

Integrated with your property management system