Award-winning reservation software to grow your business

More than a software company—Resnexus is first and foremost a customer service company, and committed to your success. Their team of experts lead the hospitality industry in providing the best customer support possible.

Who is


Whether you're an independent hotel, a cozy bed and breakfast, a beautiful campground, a trendy vacation rental, or anything in between, ResNexus is designed to make managing your business a walk in the park. With their easy-to-use software, you spend less time worrying and more time doing the things you love.

How to integrate with


1. Visit ResNexus' Website and contact them to get started.

2. Reach out to their friendly support team to request connection details.

3. ResNexus will setup the integration for you to access Wild Energy's meter readings directly from their app.

For more information on setting up the integration, reach out to ResNexus using their contact page.