Total Utility Control with Wireless Metering

Eliminate concerns about unmonitored utility usage and gain complete control over electricity and water consumption at your marina.

Wireless utility metering ensures operational costs are minimized and disputes over billing are a thing of the past.

  • Works with existing pedestals

  • Easy Installation with little to no downtime

  • Real-time alerts for power & water issues

Streamlining Marina Operations

Make data-driven decisions about resource management and infrastructure improvements to optimize the overall operation of your marina.

  • The Wild Energy Owner Portal provides instant metering information at your fingertips.
  • View real time, daily, weekly, and monthly usage to generate accurate and timely billing· Alerts for outages or damaged meters
  • Check-in/out functionality for Parks & Marinas that do not have a Management System
  • Usage alerts for non-checked in sites & slips

Eliminate tedious and costly manual meter reading

Without precise, real-time data, recording and managing energy consumption becomes a gamble.

Wild Energy modernizes your marina's utility management, allowing you to accurately recover expenses for both short and extended stays

This shift not only eliminates the need for error-prone manual meter reading but also provides immediate insights into energy consumption patterns, ensuring your marina is never in the dark.

Sophisticated marine-grade technology that works with your existing pedestals

Wild Energy’s meter relays integrate effortlessly with existing pedestals from manufacturers like Eaton and Motion Power.

Our meter relays are designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, allowing you to focus on providing top-tier service to your guests.