Make Electric Sub-metering a Competitive Differentiator For Your RV Park

Make Electric Sub-metering a Competitive Differentiator For Your RV Park

Are you considering the installation of sub-meters at your RV park? Leveraging sub-metering can set your park apart in a rapidly changing world where electrification is taking over everything, from Electric Vehicles (EVs) to Electric RVs (ERVs) that are expected to hit the market in 2024. Let's explore how embracing sub-metering can be a competitive differentiator for your RV park.

Welcoming EVs and eRVs 

Many RV parks maintain a 'No EV' policy due to concerns about power consumption. However, what if you were the only park in your area to embrace EVs and ERVs? By allowing them and providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure at each pedestal, you can proactively market this as a unique offering. This would not only attract more environmentally conscious campers but also set you apart from your competition.

Charging a Premium for EV/ERV Sites

Offering EV and ERV site availability as an amenity gives you the opportunity to charge premium rates for these sites. Campers are willing to pay more for the convenience of electric hookups, and this can significantly boost your revenue.  Adding this as an amenity type within the booking engine is easy.  Once added, get out and market this new service!

Fair Energy Billing

Submetering enables you to charge each customer for the exact amount of energy they use. This precise, fully integrated and hands-off billing system ensures fairness and transparency. Guests will be able to monitor their exact usage and appreciate not having to subsidize other guest’s cost, especially in an era of rising costs per kWh.  Wild Energy provides you with a Guest Portal where they can see their own data in real-time.

Avoid Raising Rates on Everyone

With submetering in place, you can keep your rates competitive with other nearby parks steady despite fluctuations in energy costs. A rate + utilities model makes your property more attractive when guests are looking for sites.  Would you rather book a site for $60 or $65 per night?  Think about the rental car model, when comparing car options, do consumers think about the cost of the gas they will have to put in the car?

Conserve Energy

Wild Energy Customers with Submeters have shown that when customers are billed based on their actual energy consumption, there is a significant reduction in overall energy usage, up to 35%. This benefits the environment and results in cost savings for your customers.

Reducing Long-Term Park Infrastructure Cost

Submetering not only benefits campers but also the park owner. By accurately billing and promoting energy conservation, you can reduce the wear and tear on your electrical infrastructure. This leads to lower long-term maintenance costs, and extended infrastructure lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Sub-metering at Your RV Park Provides a Unique Competitive Edge in an Evolving Industry

By embracing the electrification trend, offering premium services like EV charging, and implementing fair energy billing, you can attract more customers, increase revenue, and make your park more environmentally friendly. Moreover, you'll reduce infrastructure strain, leading to long-term cost savings. In a world where energy conservation and sustainability are becoming paramount, submetering is not just a cost-effective solution but also a smart way to stand out in the market. So, why wait? Start differentiating your RV park today with electric sub-metering!

By Matt Hardt

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