Wild Energy Announces Partnership With RMS North America

Integration Will Enhance Energy Management and Conservation Solutions

Wild Energy, a leading provider of innovative utility sub-metering and management solutions, and RMS North America, a leading provider of cloud-based reservation and property management systems to the outdoor hospitality industry, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will bring together their expertise to enhance energy management solutions for the hospitality industry.  

"We are excited to be partnering with RMS, which continues to innovate with their technology offerings. Wild Energy's unique offerings for utility sub-metering bring powerful new services to RMS customers," said Mike Sorensen, President Wild Energy. "Wild Energy is the only sub-metering system with real-time meter readings. This is especially important when billing for short-term or EV charging where accuracy matters. Using the Wild Energy integration with RMS, Newbook, ResNexus, and Staylist, owners and operators can bill utilities for any length of stay. Heavy energy users now pay their fair share for the additional energy used during their stay."

Together, Wild Energy Meters and RMS North America will integrate their solutions to provide the outdoor recreation community with a seamless utility management experience. This integration will enable resorts to monitor and control their energy usage from within the RMS Cloud platform, making it easier for staff to access the information they need to make informed decisions about energy usage and bill guests accordingly for their energy consumption. RMS customers will have access to smart, real-time electric meters that eliminate reading errors, reduce labor expenses and reduce overall energy consumption.

"Partnerships are essential for us in providing scalable, thoughtful business solutions for the outdoor hospitality space," stated Fred Dominioni, Chief Revenue Officer at RMS North America. "We're thrilled to add Wild Energy to our list of over 550 integrated partners. We know their features and offerings will benefit our customers and grant them greater flexibility and control over their businesses."

For More Information:

Mike Sorensen
President and CEO

About Wild Energy

Wild Energy was born out of a necessity to solve the problem of rising costs of energy and water resources while addressing the need for utility conservation. It's innovating new energy monitoring and control solutions for the recreational vehicle industry, campgrounds, marinas, industrial, condo associations and more. For more information, visit www.wildenergyco.com.

About RMS North America

RMS offers cloud-based property management solutions to fit the needs of the global hospitality industry, supporting over 6,000 properties worldwide. With more than 40 years of industry experience, their feature-rich technology is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of campgrounds, RV parks, National/State Parks, and marinas. For more information, please visit americas.rmscloud.com

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