Wild Energy Expands Reach into Canada, Pioneering Smart Energy Solutions for Outdoor Hospitality

Sarasota, Florida, December 13, 2023 - Wild Energy, the leading provider of advanced utility sub-metering and monitoring solutions, announces its strategic entry into the Canadian market of over 4,000 campgrounds. 

Wild Energy has been at the forefront of innovation, providing utility management solutions to the outdoor hospitality industry in the United States since 2019. Now, in collaboration with Jesstec, a trusted name with over four decades of experience in the Canadian energy sector, Wild Energy will combine expertise and innovation to offer unparalleled solutions. This collaboration aligns with Wild Energy's mission to empower businesses with technology-based real-time insights, advanced analytics, and sustainable practices all while optimizing campground owner cash flow and profitability.

"Wild Energy is thrilled to provide our services and technology to the Canadian outdoor hospitality market. We've been working closely with Jesstec and Aclara to prepare for our launch into the Canadian market and are ready to go! This will be a game changer for campgrounds throughout Canada.  Jesstec has offices across Canada and will help us service the entire market efficiently and effectively." said Mike Sorensen, President & CEO of Wild Energy."

Key Highlights of Wild Energy's Canadian Entry:

  1. Customize Solutions for Canadian Businesses: Wild Energy has tailored solutions aligned with the Canadian market's requirements, providing campground owners with tools to optimize profitability and cash flow, and reduce margin compression driven by increased energy cost usage with the electrification of everything.
  2. Reduce Overall Energy Usage: With smart meter technology, we have proven a reduction in overall energy usage of ~35%, reducing strain on the electrical grid and reducing the overall environmental impact.
  3. Enhance Camper Experience: Through advanced technology, Wild Energy elevates guest experiences with seamless billing, guest portals to monitor energy usage, and the comfort of knowing their energy needs will be satisfied.

"We are delighted to kick start this transformative journey with Wild Energy," stated Scott Borland of Jesstec Industries Inc. "This collaboration brings together Jesstec's decades of expertise and Wild Energy's cutting-edge technology solutions, delivering a new era in energy management for the Canadian outdoor hospitality sector. Together, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative technology that meets the challenges of today, reduces energy-driven margin compression, and paves the way for a sustainable and efficient future."

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For More Information:

Mike Sorensen                                                              Scott Borland
President and CEO                                                      Jesstec Industries, Inc.
833-563-6300                                                                 800-891-9380
mike@wildenergyco.com                                         sales@jesstec.com

About Wild Energy

Wild Energy was born out of a necessity to solve the problem of rising costs of energy and water resources while addressing the need for utility conservation. It’s innovating new energy monitoring and control solutions for the recreational vehicle industry, campgrounds, marinas, industrial, condo associations and more. For more information, visit www.wildenergyco.com.

About Jesstec Industries Inc.

Jesstec is a reputable energy solutions provider based in Canada, specializing in delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions to a wide range of industries. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and cutting-edge technologies, Jesstec is a trusted partner in advancing energy efficiency in the Canadian market.

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