Wireless Meter Reading

Wild Energy's marine metering system introduces a seamless wireless connection, bridging the gap between you and your marina's utility pedestals. Swiftly collecting water and electric meter readings, can now be effortlessly achieved from any computer or device.

We are the most cost-effective solution for the marine industry.

Our Features

  • Electricity Monitoring

    Our software streamlines the billing and power consumption monitoring process. The reliability and accuracy of Wild Energy's transponders make customer billing a seamless and efficient task. With the capability to directly export meter data to your billing software and PMS.

  • Water Monitoring

    Effortlessly monitor water consumption at each slip by installing Wild Energy's software with your new or existing utility meter.

  • Consumer Portal

    Our software provides real-time monitoring, and stores the data in our consumer portal for easy access and billing.

Blog Posts

  • Upgrading 250 Meters in 2 Days During Peak Camping Season

    In this video, we showcase how a bustling Florida campground successfully upgraded 250 electric meters in just two days during peak snowbird season!

    We'll take you through the process of replacing old analog meters with advanced smart meters from Wild Energy. Watch as the park maintenance staff swiftly and safely upgrade each meter, minimizing disruptions and enhancing operational efficiency instantly.

  • Free is Not Fair: Stop Giving Away Free Electricity!

    For decades, RV Campgrounds have always included electric usage for FREE to their customers. This was primarily because there was no way to measure and bill for services during a short stay. Now, with an advanced electric metering and monitoring strategy, you can stop setting money on fire and streamline your park's billing and operations. 
  • Are Modern Campers Ready to Embrace Electric Billing?

    With technology now existing to automate meter reading parks can charge every guest for exactly what they used. At Wild Energy we like to refer to this as Fair for All instead of being free and unregulated. With that in mind I wanted to hear from campers about what they thought about billing for electricity.